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Welcome to the “Our Story” section of Kids Play Graphics!  The concept of Kids Play Graphics began in the Spring of 2012 when three sisters – who are also mothers –  were consumed in a world only a sports mom can understand!  Having eight children between the three of us meant heading to lots of rinks, fields, and stadiums – often spending every Saturday and Sunday watching our children play!

During each early morning game, late evening practice, and weekend tournament, we stood along-side the other moms with our cameras and cell phones trying to capture our child in “that perfect pose.”  Whether it was the bicycle kick on the soccer field, or the slap-shot in the hockey rink, we just couldn’t get it right!  This one was too blurry, that one was too far away.  Another mom suggested we contact and commission an artist to paint our child in “that perfect pose.”  It was a wonderful idea that we hadn’t thought of!  A beautiful, hand-painted rendition of my child playing the sport she loves – hanging on a wall in our home!  But how much would that cost?  After some research, we calculated it to be much more than we were able to spend. We discovered that a lot of the other moms were looking for the same thing – an artistic rendition of their child doing their favorite thing!

We started to research online and the options we found were not what we – and the other moms – were looking for.   Most of the awesome poses couldn’t be personalized, and most of the personalized poses weren’t awesome!  After over a year of brainstorming, researching, and talking to other moms, Kids Play Graphics was born with an affordable product that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else !

Our mission is to offer parents, grandparents, friends, and young athletes themselves, affordable, fully personalized, quality, hand-painted designs of “that perfect pose” on a large variety of products!